Food & Drink 10 Plants you need to use in your kitchen

Food & Drink 10 Plants you need to use in your kitchen

Ferdowsnab dried fruits and dried herbs
Ferdowsnab dried herbs

Quoted from Ferdows Nab Dried Vegetables and Dried Fruits CompanyWhat is the food without many flavors? Just a handful of ingredients to make a container is something great. And the most suitable plants are flavor enhancers. Sprinkle some pasta, salads, vegetables, vegetables, fried rice and even sweets and sauces and they can use it.

New versions no doubt are looking for their distinctive flavors, but their dried versions are too much targeted, especially when they are not yet available. You can also use them for flavor oils! So when you keep your kitchen box in storage, make sure you put your hands on a range of dried plants that you can use at any time. Here’s our list of dried vegetables

  • Oregano

  • Ferdowsnab Oregano and dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs and Oregano

Most of us can not imagine that corn would not reach our favorite pizza without hiding it. This is probably one of the herbs that you have and one of them, especially if you like Italian food. The bitter flavor and lemon from the plant combine it well in pasta sauce, salad and pizza. This food is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, and is a good part that does not overpower other flavors in a container. You can use it in your daily cooking by adding it to the toast, sandwich and even fry fast.


  1. Thyme

  2. Ferdowsnab Thyme and dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs and Thyme

Also, in the production of soup pizza and meat dishes, a generation from Pune, thyme is also widely used in cooking. The taste of bitter coffee is also amazing in straw and cooked cake. It is a key ingredient in the popular Middle East food called Zamat. This product is easily available on the market and can easily be stored for six months.


  1. Rosemary

  2. Ferdowsnab Rosemary and dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs and Rosemary

Remember the grilled lamb? It’s almost incomplete without adding rosemary to the baking tray. It will not be wrong to say that rosemary and lamb are a game in the sky. Fried potatoes and pumpkin are also good with rosemary. You can use the plant in more methods of cranberry – add it to the dip of your fried potatoes, in sandwiches, as shells for the sailfish, or even as a sweets while making barbecue If you can keep the whole branch.


  1. Sage

  2. Ferdowsnab Sage and dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs

A plant that is commonly used in Italian cuisine while making butter sauce for gnocchi. Its strong flavor, which is a bit bitter, does not lose its strength when used in cooking, and so add steam or other cooked dishes as it is. This also pails with fatty meat. Try adding it while skipping your breakfast bacon. You can drop it into a boiling pot of soup, or sprinkle it in bottles for deep fried snacks. The more you experience, the more you will discover.


Ferdowsnab parsley and dried fruits and dried herbs
NAB dried herbs

This is a multipurpose plant, no doubt about it. Its bitter taste reaches almost everything – pasta, fried tin, sandwich, soup – you name it! If guests have too much, you can add their parsley pennies by adding parsley. Try to add it a little in the oil to release the taste, then add it to the grilled chicken or steaming fish. You can also combine it with eggs to make colorful omelets.


  1. Mint

  2. Ferdowsnab dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs

A typical plant in India’s kitchen, peppermint, is used to make many nuts and cuts. Since mint is not always available, the dried version is considered a blessing. Eat some of them in marinades in butter, so you can eat with korean, sauces, mushrooms, rice and potatoes. The flavor of the taste of mint is strong, then use it wisely.


  1. Kasoori Methi

  2. Ferdowsnab Kasoori Methi and dried fruits and dried herbs
    NAB dried herbs

Kasorii methi leaves or fenugreek offer an incredible ability to instantly add flavors to the dish. It is a common ingredient in India’s cooking, which is valid for popular foods such as chicken butter and methi aloo. Even adding a spoon from it to the slab can add humorous flavor to the divine taste. Use some of them to work on a daily basis, or to make pastry and vegetables to enhance flavor.

  1. Basil

  2. Ferdowsnab Basil and dried fruits and dried herbs
    Basil, NAB dried herbs

Sweet and brown basil is an essential herb in the kitchen because it can do a lot of wonders for a bunch of foods. While dry with dry basil, make sure you use it from the beginning to develop its flavor. You can also add it to butter butter and add it to the salad and soup, or use it to make homemade tomatoes for a fast pizza dish. Basil works well in Thai cooking.


  1. Tarragon

  2. Tarragon, dried fruits, dried herbs
    Tarragon, NAB dried herbs

French summer can be used by using your hands on a dried version of daily cooking. Herbal socks with sweet and almost vanilla with eggs, cheeses, seafood, chicken and fruits are best with French culinary flavor. Use it while cooked dishes, seasonings, vegetables, soups and grilled meat.


  1. Dill

  2. Dill, dried herbs, dried vegetables
    Dill, NAB dried herbs

Say it, and you immediately think of salmon. This delicious plant with its distinctive taste is an instant flavor enhancer. These teams work well with fish, spicy vegetables, yogurt based fruits and cakes. You can use it to make cheese omelet, cooked fish, dumplings, sandwiches and more! B.

Dry fruits and dried herbs and dried vegetables from Ferdowsnab are also very useful for health


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