“Support for the sale of pure products is at the service of dear users at all hours of the day and night. All you have to do is call the global support number or send your message on social networks.”



Ferdows Nab Company started its work in the field of production of dried vegetables in 1993 and increased its production capacity to 100 kg of dried vegetables per day by 2005. Since 2005, it has seriously pursued its development so that in 2015, Increased its production to 500 kg of dried vegetables per day.

  • Export of products

Currently, most of the company’s products are exported to Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada and the UAE.

  • excellent quality

The difference between our products and other similar products is in our quality, which has increased our export potential.


As one of the most popular Iranian brands of the last decade, Ferdows Nab provides a dynamic environment full of companionship, learning and growth for creative, flexible, pioneering and hard-working people who want to play a significant role in shaping a success story in the field of industry and technology. In the shadow of leadership, hand-picked managers go through a series of promotions as quickly as possible to be a source of impact for their community.


Eng. Mohsen Estesnaei

Management of Ferdows Nab Dried Fruits and Vegetables Company