Reducing blood sugar Reducing high blood cholesterol Reducing high blood pressure Reducing the risk of developing cancer is rich in vitamin C.

Facilitates the digestion of the stomach, it is effective in relieving stomach and intestinal congestion. Bath (incense) decoction of safflower leaves is effective in relieving rheumatic pain.

It is rich in iron. Herbs have twice as much fiber. It is a good source of beta-carotene and a powerful anti-disease antioxidant. The high potassium in spinach is good for heart health.

Coriander leaves and seeds strengthen the stomach. Eliminates gastritis. It has wind repellent and anti-flatulence properties. Consumption of brewed 15 grams of coriander in one liter of water is useful for treating infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, intestinal fever, poisoning of bacterial origin.

n terms of iron, vitamins A, C, phosphorus and potassium, calcium and iodine are rich sources. So that the amount of vitamin C in it is more than all fruits and herbs. Parsley is appetizing. Recommended for the treatment of anemia. Washing the facial skin with a decoction of a bunch of parsley leaves in a liter of water makes the skin clear.

The most important therapeutic properties of mint are its effectiveness on gastrointestinal pain, including stomach, intestinal, bloating, nausea, nausea and diarrhea. For this purpose, brew 10 grams of dried mint in a liter of water or use mint sweat. In addition to the above, it is appetizing and invigorating. It is useful for treating colds, flu, cough, palpitations and hiccups.

Nature: Hot and dry Insomnia treatment Strengthen teeth and bones due to high calcium Properties: Increased milk in breastfeeding mothers. Due to the presence of monoterbene, it has anti-cancer properties. It has dietary fiber and is a good source of manganese, iron and magnesium. Reduces blood lipids. Dill seeds increase appetite and strengthen the stomach. It is also recommended for menstrual disorders.

Treatment of Jewish Antibacterial Respiratory Disorders Cold Symptoms Prevents eye infections Ensures iron supply and cardiovascular health.