?What do you know about the properties of leeks
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پیازچه و خواص آن

In general, “leeks” are of two types, one is short and thin, which grows in summer, and the other is leeks, which grow in winter. “Leek” has antimicrobial properties due to its sulfur structure, contains vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals, and in general, “leek” is of two types, one is short and thin in summer and the other is leek. Is that you go in the winter.

پیازچه و خواص آن leeks

Eating leeks

“Eating ‘leeks’ with food helps lower blood fats and relieve constipation. It has antimicrobial effects and is great for treating hemorrhoids. Eating ‘leeks’ helps relieve constipation and reduces the risk of prostate and colon cancer.” Leek is a unique poultice for relieving pain and burning of hemorrhoids. Leeks are rich in magnesium and are recommended in prostate diseases, strengthen digestion, anti-constipation and hemorrhoid treatment or hemorrhoids. It can also be effective in controlling gout.


Intestinal disinfectant

“Leek” is an and diuretic and is useful in the treatment of rheumatism and liver diseases; If “leek” is eaten with food, it helps digestion and prevents the food from becoming sour in the stomach. However, it should be noted that leek should not be consumed excessively because it causes headaches.